Thursday, January 13, 2011

GL6: Ready to Rock the 2011 Season!

2011 is here, and Green Line Six is getting ready rip it up!  First, we would like to introduce the newest members to our team lineup.  All-star trail volunteer Ruben Andrews will be racing the same trails he maintains so vigilantly.  Dani Vergara sported her FOCF shirts at the NW Cup last year and now will be wearing the GL6 star on her trips to the podium.  Competitors might recognize Joyride co-owner Luke Brechwald as he speeds past them on his single speed.  We also welcome Brian Mitchell, who was previously with the Olympia Orthopedics team!  We also bid a sad farewell to ripper Matt Jagger as he goes solo this season.  Best of luck also to Kyle Curtin who will be riding with the PLU Cycling Team as well as GL6 this year.  Check out the GL6 Race Calendar for all your NW racing needs.  Bring on 2011!

The 2011 Green Line Six Roster:

Courtney Anderson
Ruben Andrews
Derik Archibald
Luke Brechwald
Trey Clay
John Curtin
Kyle Curtin
Todd Davison
Rachel Delateur
Matthieu Denuelle
Natalie Gentry
Henry Gertje
Michelle Kautzmann
Erica Keller
Bernie Miller
Brian Mitchell
Theresa Nation
Lee Peterson
Jamey Poelker
Erin Roe
Mike Scholl
David Snyder
Kerry Tarullo
Dani Vergara
Edward Vergara