Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Leavenworth Bavarian Bike and Brew

After weeks of rain, the day of the BBB was fast upon us. Many wondered if our legs were going to up to the challenge. OK, maybe not 'many' but I did wonder if I would hold out climbing 1500+ ft twice.
Friday's pre ride under partly cloudy skys was muddy and slick. I ran in Courtney on the trail as she finished her preride, covered in mud. Not a good sign but hey, we're from Western WA so we can't exist without mud.

The preride was a good idea, to acclimate and enjoy the views. By late afternoon the word was the trail was drying out, hope rose for a tacky trail on Sat. GL6ers and Oly Orthopedics gathered in a restaurant downtown Friday night after packet pickup at Uncle Ulis. 20+ riders gathered in the bar around one little bar table!!

Saturday dawned clear and promising with everyone at the cabin in a good mood and ready to ride.
Theresa was off 1st, riding down to the start of the race about a mile away. I followed shortly in the car to take a few pictures. Race start times were an hour and half apart so there was to be a lot of folks out on the trails. Most of the team rode Sport with a few in Expert.

The start is on a hill and up a fireroad; ready, set climb! Fireroad for first mile+ and then onto trail. The trail is a series of steps for another mile and then you round a corner and begin a serious grind. The climb was as remembered, brutal. The waterbars seems smaller tho, worn down or built up in my imagination over the past year, they didn't seem near as tall this year. A steep section at the top of climb signal we were at the end and almost at the water drop at the top of the down hill.

The downhill was screaming!! Waterbars had a tendency to interupt flow but it was a blast! The lower stream crossings were now armored and very rideable compared to the year before. Before I knew it I was back at the start and on my way up for a 2nd time. I took a slight break at the top of the fireroad to let the majority of the expert/open class pass on their 1st lap. At the top of my second climb I was passed by some of the opens on their 2nd lap, damn if they weren't flying (or there was one heck of a shortcut somewhere). At the finish, I didnt even have the omph to sprint to the line, just a coast downhill. Would have finished almost mid pack of the Clydsdales if it weren't for the fact that 3 dropped out. I finished next to last. But I finished!!! Hardest race I've done and more than worth it, now, wheres the beer!!

After showering a bite to eat at the cabin it was back to the race site for awards, music and beer. Really good beer. The festival is on a private organic farm next to the start and is just a totally cool place.
Luke and Derik took 2nd and 3rd expert single speed. Klye, in a class all his own, took first in expert and a mention on the podium that he was the youngest expert AND did the course on his single speed!! Wild applause throughout the grounds!! In all, 20 GL6ers and Oly Orthopedics came out to play and race. A fantastic time was had by all and everyone is planning on returning next year.
Whew! Oly area was well represented!!


Results (GL6 and Oly Orthopedics)

Beg Women 19+ Theresa 6th
Sport Clydsdale Mike 9th
Expert Jr Kyle 1st
Expert 19-34 Erik Anderson 10th
Expert SS Luke 2nd
Derik 3rd
Todd 4th
Expert Women 19-34 Erica 4th
Expert Women 35+ Michelle 1st
Jen Jennifer
Sport Men 45+ John 20th
Sport Men 35-44 Brian 19th
Sport Women 19-34 Brandee 5th
Courtney 6th
Erin 12th
Sport Women 35+ Rachel 10th
Ann 12th
Stefanie 14th
Karen 16th
Chris 17th

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