Sunday, September 12, 2010

Oregon Super D Series: Oakridge and Sandy Ridge

Oregon Super D Series stop #2
Oakridge, OR

The Oakridge course is the longest super d race in the country. 14 miles long with 4700' of descending and 900' of climbing. Rachel, The Jagger's and The Graham's got down to Oakridge on Thursday. We took a couple runs Friday, rested Saturday and raced Sunday. Matt landed in second CAT 1 19-39, Rachel got fourth in CAT 2 Open, and I placed third in CAT 2 19-39. The Oakridge course is epic by super d standards. It is absolutely huge. The descents last forever. I actually looked forward to the climbs so I could recover. Hopefully the OSS will stop there again next year. If not, I'm glad I was able to have raced there.

Oregon Super D Series stop #3, Series Final
Sandy, OR

Trey, Jamey, Theresa(team support), Matt, Matthieu, Rachel and I attended the series final in Sandy. The course is on some very well built use specific(MTB!!) trails on BLM land just outside of town. The course was 6 miles long with a couple thousand feet of descending and a few hundred feet of climbing. Very similliar to the GL6 course as far as the numbers look. The course was a surprising mix of many NW mtb elements. It was a mini version of A Line, The North Shore and Capitol Forest all in one. Dropping in from the top(literally) you went through a section of perfect berms and mini table tops, followed by a little climb and then a section of fast North Shore BC-ish rocks and roots followed by another little climb and then you are dumped out at the bottom into bermy, flowy clay bliss. Aaaahhhhhhhh. The conditions were greasy and a little sketchy from the rain the night before, but we all raced the same trail under the same conditions so no whining. A massive amount of schwag went away with the GLSIXER'S between the podium prizes and raffle. In fact, it was almost eerie the amount of stuff we all seemed to keep winning. Lucky day I guess. Props to the promoter for putting in the time to round up good sponsors and schwag galore.

Super D racing is really starting to thrive in the NW. It's amazing how many SD races there are now in the NW. It's great. It's actually more than great, it may be a Christmas miracle. Santa did get my letters! Super D is a newer discipline in the world of mtb racing, and it is certainly the most inclusive. There really is no way to take sides in it. If you come from XC racing, downhill or trail riding you have any equally good chance of doing well. And you are garunteed to have a good time.

This is the first year of the Oregon Super D series. I was grateful to have had the time to participate in all three events. They are on to something, and they did a fantastic job. We are lucky to have this opportunity to race in what truely is the best super d series in the US right now. There is talk of expansion of the series next year too, and if you aren't there you are missing out.


Sandy Results
Matt CAT 1 19-39 2nd
Trey CAT1 over 40 4th
Jim CAT 2 19-39 2nd
Jamey CAT 2 19-39 4th
Rachel CAT 2 ?

Series Overall
Matt CAT1 19-39 2nd
Jim CAT2 19-39 2nd
Rachel CAT2 Open 2nd

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