Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Tapeworm Time Trial

First GL6 race event of the 2011 Season. 

The weather broke off partly sunny and cool, the trail was mostly in really great shape except the one muddy section back somewhere in the labyrinth. 

Lee Peterson came in 9th overall. Erin Roe came in 6th in Women's and Todd Davison placed an Amazing Blazing 30th out of 70. I think I was off to over extended and pushing too hard by half way through the course and was out of breath all the way to the finish. Fast on this 6 ish mile course is an under 45 minute finish with the top time around 38 minutes. 

Fun trail, lots of low speed bike skills to get around those corners and through the trees. Check it out sometime. Maybe another time trial in March.


Lee Peterson, 9th Men's (out of 56!)
Todd Davison, 30th Men's
Erin Roe, 6th Women's

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