Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Henry's Ridge, BuDu 2012 Final.
The day started out a bit drizzly when I arrived just before the expert start. The mist let up and it actually warmed up a bit and had a sun break to two by the end of the day.
Henry's Ridge is a cool area in Maple Valley just below a housing development. Twisty single track, climbs that aren't too horrendous, fun and flowy, except near the lower pond, pretty rooty and technical in there. Overall a really nice place to ride and I'll certainly go back to explore.
Lightly attended, I only saw Henry and Erin out there with me.
Henry rode Expert Men, taking a 2nd place and 4th overall for the series.  Pretty damn good since Henry started in Sport and upgraded to Expert, losing a couple points in the process.
Erin and I raced in Sport. Unlucky for me, less than 10min into the race a bad shift Reuben-ized by derailleur. After bending the hanger and pulley arm back around I was able to finish 1 lap, only having 3 gears left usable on the cassette. I got lucky on the repairs the next day, straitening the pulley arm and replacing the hanger, seems to work well.
Erin took a 2nd place and 8th overall for the season.  I took a DNF and 16th place overall.

So that's my blog update. Short and sweet, now get out there and ride!

BuDu Series Overall Standing (from the final printout)

Erin, 8th of 23, 4 races
Reuben, 29th of 62, 2 races
Lito, 1 race
John, 1 race
Mike, 16th of 25, 3 races and a DNF
Henry, 4th of 24, 5 races
Nancy, 1 race

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