Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Cascade Cream Puff 100

The Cascade Cream Puff went well with Henry and Todd pulling off finishing the event:

An excellent event with everything you need supplied, free camping, Dinner the night before and breakfast and dinner the day of the event plus nine times thorugh well stocked aid stations and nice helpful volunteers including a mechanic and chain lube crew at each station. Really just show up and ride with a couple water bottles on our frame.

16,000 feet of climbing and 16,000 feet of descending with 10,000 of that descent on the two times down the 17ish mile Alpine Trail. Puff Puff. They make you work to get to the start of that sweet downhill though, with a 30 ish mile mostly road climb and 4-5 ish mile of trails over a the just shy of 5000 foot Saddeblanket Mountain and a lot a lot a lot of Climbing.



Henry Gertje 3rd Place Cat 2 Men 45-54 11:57:29 105 overall out of 178

Todd D Singlespeed 28th Place whoopee 13:30:49 151 overall out of 178
(Ironically that time would have put me 4th place in cat 2 men over 45!)

41 starters did not finish.

Pro rider Corey Smith rode the course in 8:33:43
2nd overall on Single Speed was Evan Plews 8:52:02

Pro rider Rebecca Rosch fastest woman rode the course in 9:33:09

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