Monday, July 12, 2010

Fluidride Cup: Mt. Hood

If you like loose rock, rock drops, switch backs and tight & technical single track than Mt. Hood down hill racing is for you. Pro & cat. 1 had some vertical single track and big rock drops. Category 2 had the afore mentioned, a little bit of everything with alternate routes for the 3 in a row log drops that I decided not to try due to needing to work on Monday. Maybe next time.
The weather was great, very warm and lots of sunshine, finally regained some vitamin D along with some sunburns on the back of my legs where my knee/shin gards didn't cover. I had nearly forgotten what the sun looked like after all the rain we have had this winter. Lots of great people who made the event very enjoyable. Mtn biking is such a great sport because in general everyone is easy going and likes to have a good time.

5 Women in Category 2 and I finished in 3rd place. The next race at Mt. Hood will be on September 24-26, check it out at, I hope that some of you can come. The next fluid ride race will be in Schweitzer Idaho in August 20-22.


Cat 2 Open Women: Rachel Delateur, 3rd

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