Thursday, August 19, 2010

Crankworx, Whistler B.C.

I made the trip up to Whistler, BC for the biggest mountain bike festival in the world (Crankworx). It's really cool to see all the pros and freeriders that we watch on DVD and ride the most baddass trails. Everytime I go Whistler my riding skills progress exponentially. All the manufacturers are there with their 2011 bikes and components. SRAM and FOX set up service tents to work on forks for all the racers. The food and hotels are great. The atmosphere is buzzing with mountain bike goodness. I raced the Garbonzo DH. It's the longest DH race in the world. The upper section is super gnarly, rocky and rooty with some really big rock drops. It had rained the day and night before the race. Adding to the challenge. I crashed OTB near the end of the upper section. No injuries or mechanicals though. I finished without further incident. What an awesome race! I'm definitely doing it again next year. I also raced the A-line Big Air DH race which included over 40 jumps and berms. It's a super fast and flowy trail which requires racers to "squash" and/or "scrub" the jumps to maintain speed and not over shoot the jumps. Easier said than done for me. I flat landed some of the bigger jumps (scary). On the way back to the US we stopped and rode some of the "Northshore" trails on Mt.Seymour. One word IMPRESSIVE. The amount of work that
goes into these trails is amazing with all the rock armouring and ladder bridges. I'll be back for more!

Results: Trey - Garbonzo DH MASTER MEN 30+ (38th PLACE out of 67 riders) 17min.56sec.
A-Line Big Air DH MASTER MEN 30+ (28th PLACE out of 46 riders) 5min.2sec.

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