Tuesday, August 17, 2010

NW Cup Finals: Port Angeles, WA

We had 3 GL6'ers show up to race the final Northwest Cup DH race in Port Angeles, WA on July 24-25th.
Rachel, Edward & Dani, and I (Trey). The weather was dry and hot! Riding in the back of a U-haul truck
for shuttling riders to the trailhead was like being inside a pressure cooker with a bunch of brussel sprouts.
Funky! Racing went off with out a hitch. This year at the DH race series has been good with hot food served
throughout the day with a spaghetti dinner following practice on Sat. One of the best things about racing the
NW Cup series is the instant race times posted on a flat screen for all to see with rider ranking too! The
campground we all stayed at would have been great if not for the younger crowd that partied till 2am. I
only raced 2 out of 4 races in the series this year but it has been great to ride a different trail each time.
Variety is good.


Results: Trey - CAT 2 MEN 40-49 (3RD PLACE).
Edward - CAT3 MEN 19-39 (3RD PLACE).

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