Monday, March 8, 2010

Budu #2: Black Diamond

It was dry and cool for the Black Diamond Race. Seven Green Line Six Racers showed up for the event. The track was dry and rocky, lots of tight turns and lots of brushy trail that makes passing difficult. Beginner Class did 2 laps, Expert Class did 5 laps and the Sport and Single Speed Class did 4 laps. Laps were 2.5 miles. The course was good and fast except the several hundred yards of cobblestone and the many tight turns in the coblestone areas.

Matt and Todd and Kyle went for a warm up ride up land on the trails on the East side of the road and the trails up there are excellent tapeworm in heavy forest with few rocks.

-Todd D.

Dani Vergera F 30-39 4th Place


Courtney Anderson F 30-39 5th
Rachel Delatuer F 40-49 4th

Kyle Curtain U-18 1st Place
Edward Vergara M-30-39 14th

Single Speed:
Matt Jagger 3rd Place
Todd Davison 8th

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