Monday, March 29, 2010

Budu #4: Cookin in the Kettles, Ft. Ebey State Park

What an awesome weekend! While Rachel and Edward were representing GL6 in the NW Cup in Port Angeles, Lee, Kerry, Todd, Matt, Erin, Erica, Kyle, Theresa and David were across the Puget Sound at beautiful Ft. Ebey State Park on Whidbey Island. It was a preview of the summer to come; camping in a beautiful location, surrounded by a horde of other mountain bikers, racing along dry (!) trails that served up a hearty helping of challenges for the skills and the lungs. Pure NW bliss!

The weekend started out on a good note: we ended up scoring the LAST campsite in the entire campground! On top of that, the rain that battered everywhere else (including our teammates in PA) passed through briefly at night, leaving the sandy trails nice and tacky without being muddy for the race the next morning. We even had sunbreaks during the race!!

The course was the best of the Budu series, hands down. Perfect trails twisted through beautiful coastal forest with peek-a-boo views of the beach and the Sound for those who could tear their eyes away from the course. Colin, our photographer for the day, reported to seeing a racer stop and take a photo during the race. The 95% singletrack course had a bit of everything; climbs, roots, tight turns, switchbacks going both up and down, and ripping downhill sections (which more often then not ended in a hairpin turn leading to another steep uphill) Beginners did one loop (7 miles) Sport/Singlespeed did two laps (14 miles) and Experts did three laps (21 miles) My GPS reading for the 14 sport course clocked 2570 feet of elevation gain.

As icing on the cake, several GL6 racers walked away with medals around their necks. Matt Jagger earned 2nd place in the single speed category, with the second best time in the sport/singlespeed class overall. Erica and Kerry Tarullo (GL6er in all but name) represented for the ladies, with Kerry earning 1st place in Sport Women 30-39 on her single speed, and Erica taking 2nd in the women's single speed category. Erin joined Kerry on the podium, taking 3rd in 30-39 Sport women. Kyle continued his podium streak with 2nd place U-18 Sport, and Theresa earned her first medal, taking 2nd in the Beginner Women 30-39 category. And of course, we could be found at a local brewhouse (all ages of course, Kyle) raising a glass to another awesome weekend of camping and mountain biking in the Northwest.


Beginner Women 30-39
Theresa Nation, 2nd

Sport Men 40+
David Snyder, 13th

Sport Women 30-39
Kerry Tarullo, 1st
Erin Roe, 3rd

Singlespeed Men
Matt Jagger, 2nd
Todd Davison, 10th
Lee Peterson, 11th

Sport U-18
Kyle Curtin, 2nd

Singlespeed Women
Erica Keller, 2nd

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  1. Hey, thanks for counting me in the race results and team camaraderie though I wear red. I feel like a part of the team! What a total blast that weekend was! More to come I'm sure. Great post.
    (single speeds rule)