Sunday, March 21, 2010

Budu #3: Soaring Eagle

Last year's Soaring Eagle race was one of the sloppiest, muddiest races of the season, but thankfully this year was different. While the course wasn't exactly dry, it wasn't quite the energy-sucking hell of the previous years. The weather report called for rain, but we were spared of all but just a few drops while the races were going on.

The coarse opened with short stretch of wide gravel travel that wasn't quite long enough to spread everyone out before hitting the singletrack. Luckily, so of us were advised at the starting line to get a fast start in order to avoid the inevitable bottleneck at the trail entrance, which led to an immediate downhill section. The coarse was swoopy, with a couple of tight turns and slippery roots to keep everyone on their toes, but without an significant climbs or descents. Even without sustained climbing, the trail was soft enough to keep the cranks constantly moving and the heart rate high. Approaching the lap transition was another fun downhill section that ended in an abrupt right hand turn back onto the gravel section. Like the previous Budu races, racers who were lapped were cut off at this lap transition point.

Kyle Curtin continued to rock his category, taking 2nd place in Sport U-18, and his father John Curtin, recovered from injury, came out for his first race of the season! Lee and Theresa also finished strong in their respective categories. Way to go GL6!

Beginner Women
30-39 Theresa Nation, 7th

Sport Men
U-18 Kyle Curtin, 2nd
30-39 Edward Vergara, 20th
40+ John Curtin, 28th
SS Lee Peterson, 7th

Sport Women
30-39 Erin Roe, 3rd

Expert Women
30-39 Courtney Anderson, 4th

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